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Ring Guide

Three simple steps to find the ring of your dreams

Our mission at Origin Diamonds is to provide you with the simplest way to purchase an eco-friendly, socially responsible, hand-crafted engagement ring. Here are a few simple steps to follow in order to ensure that you find a stunning engagement ring you both will love, at a price you can stand behind!

Set a budget

Many have heard of the Two Month Rule; a rule that was marketed by the world’s largest diamond mining company in the 1940’s to take advantage of WWII veterans trying to return their lives to normalcy. The made-up rule encouraged men to spend equal to two months of their salary on an engagement ring. Every couple is as unique as their love story, and no one should be locked in to a 70 year-old rule! At Origin Diamonds, we believe that the only budgetary rules that should apply are the ones that are correct for you and your situation. If you follow a decades-old rule of how to shop for an engagement ring, you might find yourself in a large amount of debt, which wouldn’t be healthy for your new marriage.

Here are some tips to maximize your budget:


Choose an eco-friendly, socially-responsible, lab-created diamond from Origin Diamonds. Our Lab-created diamonds are as much as 40% less expensive than comparable mined diamonds without any of the negative associations. Our stones are also up to 15% less expensive than our competitors (we’ve checked and you should too).

If Lab grown diamonds are still pushing your budget over the edge, consider selecting a moissanite as an alternative. Learn more about moissanite.

Consider 9kt or 14kt gold. There’s a reason 14kt is the most prevalent gold karat in the US. It’s level of purity (58%) is balanced with durability for a lifetime of wear at a reasonable cost.

Explore our Halo style rings which use multiple smaller diamonds to maximize the impact of your center stone. Selecting one of our detailed Halo designs and pairing it with a smaller Lab Created diamond will give you lots of sparkle for less money.


Diamond Education

Education is vital when shopping for your future engagement ring. Make sure you do your research and figure out exactly what specifications you're looking for in your stone.


Find Her Ring Size

If you don't know your partner's ring size, that's no problem at all. We'll teach you a few simple tips and tricks that can help you figure it out. Check out our Ring Guide.

The Perfect Setting Style

In addition to the shape of the diamond, you also must choose what setting style you'd like your stone to sit in. Browse the different settings we offer, here.

Utilise Our Diamond Experts

We believe it is our obligation to help you select an engagement ring that is completely right for you on every level from budget and size to sparkle and clarity. Origin Diamond representatives are trained to educate, guide, and work with you to get the most value out of your budget and create an engagement ring that she will absolutely adore. They know how to buy an engagement ring that is perfect, and they are happy to share their knowledge with you.

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