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Affordable Engagement Rings

Everything you need to know.

It’s no secret that engagement rings are one of the more significant purchases one may make in their life. However, times are changing and there are more options than ever to find her dream ring without breaking the bank. We’ve outlined a few tips and tricks for how to save the most when searching for an affordable engagement ring, while also making the most of your budget. 

Set Your Budget

The first and most important step when beginning your search for an engagement ring is to set a budget. With endless diamond shapes, metal options, and setting styles, it’s easy to get carried away. Setting a budget will allow you to narrow down your options and better understand where you can spend and where you should save. While there is no set “rule” on how much you should spend on an engagement ring, everyone’s spending comfort level will be different.

Choose a Lab Grown Diamond or Moissanite

It’s no surprise that the biggest chunk of your engagement ring budget will go towards the diamond. There are plenty of tricks to help you save when you’re searching for a diamond, like learning about the different diamond shapes and their 4 C’s or simply choosing to have another gemstone, like a birthstone. However, unless you are choosing a mined diamond, lab-grown diamonds are the only option that is still 100% a real diamond. Lab-created diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to mined diamonds. However, due to the shorter supply chain, lab-grown diamonds can be anywhere from 30-40% less expensive than mined diamonds. With that huge amount of savings on the diamond, you can allot more budget toward a better quality stone, a bigger carat weight, or even a more elaborate setting.

Moissanite is another great alternative. It is the most affordable and beautiful diamond simulant ever created. It has a double refractive index which increases the sparkle factor. At the time of writing revealed that an average 1 carat diamond costs upwards of $4000, with the average cost of a diamond engagement ring being $5000.

Moissanite of similar appearance and size can cost up to 90% less than a diamond, with a 1 carat moissanite only setting you back about $500, roughly R 11000.

Setting Styles That Will Help You Save

Solitaire Settings

Solitaire settings are the most simple and, more often, inexpensive setting options one can choose. However, just because solitaire settings are simple, does not mean that they are boring! Featuring a single solitary diamond, this style allows for increased focus on your center stone! 

If you’re in the market for a solitaire diamond, it’s important to pick your favorite since it’ll be the main focal point. Solitaire settings are a fantastic choice because they fit nearly every diamond shape, from marquise to round. Below are a few favorites, all under R10 000.00!

This timeless solitaire features a petite band that tapers up to embrace the center gemstone in delicate claw prongs. Compatible with all 9 of our diamond shapes. Available in white, yellow rose gold, and platinum, this ring is as timeless as they come. 

This elegant solitaire features an open basket with six claw prongs that cradle the center gemstone. Compatible with all 9 of our diamond shapes. Available in white, yellow rose gold, and platinum

While appearing to be a simple solitaire band, this setting actually features a hidden row of diamonds that sit under the round brilliant diamond. The 1.5mm band width allows your center stone to shine.

Halo Settings

If you have your heart set on something with a bit more sparkle, the halo is the perfect option for you. Unfortunately, halo settings are typically more expensive due to their elaborate details and extra diamonds.

However, these settings allow you to save on the center diamond, which may save you money in the long run. Halo settings feature a circle of small diamonds that surround a larger, center diamond. These smaller sparklers enhance the majestic size of the center stone, which gives the appearance of a larger diamond.

This allows you to choose a smaller stone, saving you money, without compromising on overall sparkle. Shop some of our favorites halo styles, below!

A subtle floral diamond halo blooms around the center gem in this exquisite ring. Compatible with all 9 of our diamond shapes.

This sparkling halo setting features beautiful scalloped pavé diamonds that encircle the center gem and adorn the band. This ring truly spectacular.

A captivating halo of French pavé-set diamonds surrounds the center gem of this timeless halo ring. Compatible with all 9 of our diamond shapes

Consider 14k Gold

When you pick out an engagement ring, you’ll have to decide on what precious metal you want that ring made of. Origin offers 9, 14, and 18k white, rose, yellow gold, and platinum. Platinum will be the most expensive choice for an engagement ring. If you’re looking for that platinum look while sticking to an affordable engagement ring, try white gold. 9kt is what we’d recommend if you’re looking to save, as it is the least expensive choice, while also being the most durable. 9kt gold has a higher mixture of gold to other metals, making this ring less prone to scratches and dents, as pure gold is extremely soft. This is why we do not recommend 24k gold for wedding rings or engagement rings. Choose 9kt gold in white, yellow, or rose to get the best value for your ring!

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