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Top 7 Wedding Bands for Solitaire Engagement Rings.

Solitaire Engagement Rings are timeless, classic, and traditional. A minimalistic setting can keep your center stone the main attraction, and that’s what a lot of us desire for our dream engagement ring. But what if we want a little extra sparkle for the band? There are a variety of wedding sets where the rings are perfectly matched together, but when it comes to choosing a band for your solitaire ring, it’s your chance to get creative! We have a few choices for our best wedding bands for solitaire engagement rings to help you feel inspired.

Below are a variety of suggestions for the best combinations when pairing with a solitaire engagement ring. Ultimately though, it is up to your personal preference. The best part about having a fun wedding band is that if you need to take off your engagement ring, you can still glam it up with a flashy band! And keep in mind, your rings don’t need to match either. We even have a vintage style in here!

Single Half Prong ( Flux ) Wedding Band

This eternity band is accented with 0.30-0.40 ctw recycled diamonds in an elegant shared prong setting. If you need to take off your engagement ring for work or other activities, the Flux is perfect as a stand-alone band that still shows off your bling.

Starting from R 8200.00


Classic Pave Wedding Band (3/4)

This petite diamond ring features scalloped pavé diamonds in elegantly sculpted prongs that extend three-quarters of the way around the band. It is a beautiful complement to many delicate engagement rings.

Starting from R 7790.00


Vintage Full Eternity Ring

Were you torn between getting a vintage or solitaire style? Why not incorporate both in your wedding set? The Vintage band is delicately set with 0.50ctw recycled diamonds.

Starting from R 8125.00


Criss Cross Lab-Grown Diamond Band

The Criss-Cross is a beautiful crossover-style ring set with 0.50ctw lab-grown diamonds. If you love the look of stackable rings then this style gives the illusion of two rings. When you need to take off your engagement ring, you will still feel your hand is decently decorated.

Starting from R 9450.00


Idyllic Stackable Band

The Idyllic is set with 0.15ctw recycled diamonds going halfway around the shank with smooth flat sides. This band pairs perfectly with any solitaire ring as it is so delicate, yet universally appealing. We love it most with the Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring.

Starting from R 5499.00


7 Stone Wedding Band Band

This flashy band uses a secure basket style setting to showcase 7 round cut lab grown diamonds. You choose your carat weight of 0.50, 1.0, or 1.5 so you can have the option to delicately add to your solitaire ring or really make it stand out.

Starting from R 15000.00


Shared Prong Full Eternity Band

This eye-catching eternity band encircles the finger with shimmering diamonds set in beautifully sculpted shared prongs. With two prongs in between each stone, this band is gorgeous with yellow or rose gold for a contrast in color.

Starting from R 11 500.00


When searching for your ideal wedding band keep in mind the discount you get when you buy your band and engagement ring together. You get 10% off the cost of the wedding band when purchased together with an engagement ring (only applicable to matching sets)! Use Code Matching at checkout.

Whether you are buying a matching set or creating your own unique pairing, there are a variety of styles to choose from. Please feel free to reach out to our Design Experts with any questions, and make an in-person or virtual appointment to test out various combinations of ring pairs!

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