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Radiant Cut Moissanite

Radiant Cut Moissanite


The radiant cut diamond and moissanite is a hybrid, combining the elegant glamour of the emerald shape with the fire and brilliance of the round. This chic, angular shape with gently trimmed corners offers a unique and modern allure.

  • Certification

    All Diamonds and Moissanite from 0,30 cts and up have Certification from independant, International Laboratories. 

    GIA - Gemological Institute of America

    IGI - International Gemological Institute

    EGL - European Gemological Laboratory

    DIA - DIA Grading Laboratory

    DIA - DIA Grading Laboratory

  • Cut Grade

    Diamond cut is perhaps the most important of the four Cs
    A good cut gives a Diamond its brilliance, which is that brightness that seems to come from the very heart of a Diamond.

    All our diamonds range from Ideal - Very Good

  • Selection

    Our moissanites are hand selected by our GIA-certified gemologist. Your diamond choice will be nothing less than perfect. 

     If you are looking for a specific size, colour and clarity please contact us and we'll find you for ideal diamond

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